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Aug 24, 2009 12:00am EDT
grievous strain. the net result of such a dentist is that britain still carries far more clout in the world -- of such advantages. such assets should always give us confidence in the fortified knowledge that the foundations exist for building of british influence in selected areas if we chose to do so. at the same time, the advent of the kind of international cooperation discussed at recent summits of the g-20 and of the united states administration with the multilateral approach to foreign policy that provides other nations with a fresh opportunity to respond positively. both give some cause for optimism. it is not unreasonable to hope for advances in the middle east peace process, for success in the new approach in afghanistan, for a better era in u.s.-russia relations, and more constructive response to the international community and the leadership of iran or a more determined effort by the international community to overcome iranian in transitions, and while the prospect of any of these folks coming to fruition survives, is the label for america's allies to work hard to bring that about
Aug 23, 2009 9:00pm EDT
is that britain still carries far more clout in the world than its current share of the world's population would suggest. such assets should always give us confidence in the fortified knowledge set the foundations exist for building up british influence in select areas if we chose to do so. at the same time, the advance of international cooperation discussed at international summits and a multilateral approach to foreign policy that provides other nations with a fresh opportunity to respond positively give cause for optimism in international relations. it is not unreasonable to expect for advances in medical fees praise process, for better air and u.s.-russian relations, and for more constructive response from the leadership of iran, all more determined effort by the international community to overcome iranian entrances and some -- and transients andintran -- intrangincese. whatever the odds and downs of any given year, it will be harder for our country to pursue a chosen policy and to protect its interests and citizens. looking at a decade or two ahead, powerful forces of economics and demograp
Aug 17, 2009 12:00am EDT
system. a month ago at the open university i set out some of our plans to decentralize power in britain. today i want to take the next that and show how we would control the power of the state and make it more accountable to people. the british state has developed over centuries into a powerful entity charged with delivering some very important goals, protecting our citizens, rid distributing wealth, ensuring public safety. these things have met our country a place which is safer, fairer, and where opportunity is more equal. the more the state does, the greater risk there is that it gradually becomes the master of the citizens that it is meant to serve. that is why we have traditionally created checks to create the right balance of power, checks to stop the state exerting too much power over us, protecting personal freedom, and also checks to help us to exert our power of the state, ensuring political accountability. i believe the last 12 years we have seen diminished personal freedom and diluted political accountability. i want to try and address both of those today. today i believe we
Aug 14, 2009 6:30pm EDT
for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> britain hits back as its health service becomes a weapon in the route of the health care reform in america. codes of rescue are fading in typhoon-stricken taiwan 3 and 15,000 still be trapped, at least 500 dead. -- in timtyphoon-stricken taiwan. 15,000 still trapped. welcome to "bbc world news," on pbs in america and elsewhere around the world. a new brigade gets to work in afghanistan. the president pardon its five top traffickers. and theç liverpoolç and fun, singapore style. cashing in on a growing army of fans abroad. -- the liverpool anthem. hello to you. britain's national health service as a move to the center of the controversy in the u.s. over barack obama'proposeds health-care reform be and the president tries to regain. his opponents are trying to cite the british model as the way not to do it. -- barack obama's proposed health-care reform. the president tries to recover. >> president barack obama and his family said it off for another town hall-style debate on health care, but as america has wrestled with how to solve the pr
Aug 24, 2009 12:30am EDT
. on his visit to india in 2006, david cameron said he believed it was time for britain and india to forge a new special relationship, focusing particularly on fighting terrorism, protecting the environment, and globalization. india is also leading member of the commonwealth, an organization which has been neglected and undervalued under the labour government in britain. in last year's strategy documents, the only mention of the commonwealth was in the title. it is extraordinary -- it is the unique network of 53 country spanning five continents with 35 of the world's population -- 3 favre% of the world's population. -- 35% of the world's population. a good example of how it could be used is to encourage to take a leading role in addressing state failure, like coordinating a future rehabilitation package for its former member, zimbabwe. if the commonwealth is not the only group of countries where rican recreate historic connections on a new, modern basis. i have long argued that britain should embark on the elevation of its links with many of the countries of the middle east and gulf, not o
Aug 14, 2009 5:00pm EDT
is triggering another round of outrage overseas. officials in great britain fight back defending their system from the criticisms of america's right. >>> from australia, a story on another issue that has raised passions here -- the right to die. in perth, a quadriplegic man has asked a judge to let him kill himself. tonight we have the ruling. >>> the president of taiwan raises the death toll from typhoon morakot to more than 500, amidst mounting criticism his government has been slow to help survivors. >>> and one night in bangkok is not just a hit song from the '80s. it could also describe how long it takes to go from one side of the city to the other. tonight, a report from bangkok's notorious traffic. buckle up. >>> from the world's leading reporters and analysts, here is what's happening from around the world. this is "worldfocus." made possible in part by the following funders -- >>> good evening, i'm martin savidge. >>> for weeks now, it's been topic number one in the united states. the president's ambitious plan to reform the health care system. there is probably no more controversial
Aug 28, 2009 6:30pm EDT
of britain's most creative industries is under threat. i love you. as details emerged about the 18 years jaycee dugard spent in captivity and california, the husband and wife accused of keeping her captive have pled not guilty. police admitted they missed the chance to rescue her three years ago when they responded to a 911 call reporting still with chants -- reporting suspicions. we have this report from antioch, california. >> this is jaycee dugard in happier times. soon after this video was taken, the 11-rolled disappeared. many thought she was dead. but this man, phillip garrido, knew where she was. he was are registered sex offender with past convictions for kidnapping and rape. police say he kept the girl prisoner for 18 years. >> having those two children, those two girls -- [unintelligible] i never touched them. >> police say this house was the scene of shocking crimes. it is where phillip garrido raped jaycee forced her to live in a shed in the backyard. the house in northern california as less than 200 miles from lake tahoe, where jaycee was snatched 1991. it is a quiet residen
Aug 2, 2009 9:00pm EDT
financial sector in the economy. i think around the world people appreciate that britain took the lead in dealing with many of the problems of the financial system. it was us that first recognized the need to recapitalize the banks and that simply providing lick witity was not going to be enough. and it was us who recognized that we would have to take shares in the banks as well if we were going to deep the financial system moving forward. i think you will find a lot of countries have been following what britain did. we should not get into a debate here when this is a global economy. we have to consult with other countries as well as britain, and the system in britain is one that is actually relevant to other countries around the world. >> we did a lot for recapitalization of the banks. but independent of the bank of england was a major selling point for the government in 1997. has it ended up with a two-edge sword for the government right now? >> not at all. i think we need a history book perspective. inflation was the major problem we faced for 50 years. every government, whether lab
Aug 4, 2009 6:30pm EDT
to come. ♪ it's the people's photo shoot. why one of britain's top photo snappers is turning his camera on a thousand members of the public. >> first, though, we have nothing to hide. that is the british government responding to accusation that is its security agents have been involved in torture overseas. many politicians, though, your demanding an independent inquiry into claims that britain has been complicit in the mistreatment of terror suspects. >> released earlier this year from guantanamo bay, this man says he was tortured in pakistan and morocco, and that british intelligence officials supplied questions and other material. he's one of a number of people alleging britain colluded in their mistreatment, including this jailed terrorist, though his claims were dismissed by a judge, and this one convicted of being an al qaeda mastermind. >> we have a series of allegations, which is important to rec insides have not been tested by an inquiry or by the courts. but if those allegations are true, then that would amount to come policity. >> it doesn't accuse the men and women working he
Aug 6, 2009 6:30pm EDT
people have attended the funeral of britain's last survivor of but world war i trenches. he died last month, age 111. a hacker attack shut down twitter on wednesday. hackers directed a multitude of computers to a single site. twitter is not the only indicator of change in the media industry. rupert murdoch, chairman of news corp. says that the economic picture is so bleak that he's going to start charging for all online content derived from his newspapers and television channels. matthew price reports from new york. >> this is the capital city of america's newspaper industry. for new york's newspaper vendors, the golden age is over. do you sell the same volume of newspapers that you did? >> people are not buying papers like in the old times. >> why would hyde park with my hard-earned money to buy a paper like "the wall street journal," when i get the same content online for absolutely nothing? that is precisely the question that "the wall street journal," have been grappling with for quite a while. while it is true that i can click on some of the news content and read through that wit
FOX News
Aug 13, 2009 12:00am EDT
canada and from france and from great britain, when they have health care, come to the united states for coverage? doesn't that speak volumes about where this debate is really about? in terms of, nobody covers that issue. why do they come here? >> because we have the best system in the world which is why so many people are out there on the streets and at these congressional town halls trying to defend it. what's most interesting to me, and i've covered the tea party movement since its nascent days in late february, the people speaking out most against this health are the people familiar with the failures in socialized countries. you look at the tea parties, you'll seize naturalized citizens from sweden, france, cuba, britain, provide firsthand testimony of the failures of that system and why we should not allow it to be co-opted by the ja o because ma administration. sean: we're going to be joined by daniel hannan, he's a member of the european parliament, he's been warning america not to go down this road. let me ask you politically, i think there's a 50-50 chance this gets passed,
Aug 27, 2009 6:30pm EDT
, we have been told that what is good for the city is good for britain. it turns out, this is not necessarily so. a lot of the financial sector's abilities are useless. its profits are excessively large. this is not a typical bank basher, but the man in charge of regulating our banks. when he talks, people listen. we have ended up with a financial system that is much bigger than our economy needs. a lot of the deals here might not be very useful to the economy. if they could cost all of us hundreds of billions of pounds. they want proper regulations and maybe even a special tax. >> powerful forces are lined up against him. london has a lot invested in being a global fund manager -- global financial center. yesterday, nicolas sarkozy said he would be asking the rest of the g-22 fall of france in lain down clear rules for bank bonuses. -- g-20 to follow france in making rules for bank bonuses. >> i see the bonuses as fine, let them take $100 million. that is fine. these people with $100 million, that is fine. >> what ever happenes with bonuses, they're looking to deal w
Aug 28, 2009 5:30pm EDT
around the world. animation aggravation, why one of britain's most credit industries is under threat. -- creative industries is under threat. >> police in california have publicly apologized for missing an opportunity two years to rescue the woman held captive for 18 years. police say were called to the house where jaycee lee dugard was being held in november, 2006. >> we missed an opportunity to bring earlier closure to this situation. a caller to our 911 dispatch offered that there were tents in the neighbor's backyard that people were living anin and that there were young children. they also said that the owner was a psychotic and had a sexual addiction. we made contact with him in the front yard of his home. the responding deputy determined that there was not any criminal misbehavior, he warned him that there were code restrictions with regards to living outside in a residential neighborhood. he did not enter or request to enter the backyard. >> our correspondent is in california. what is the latest? >> the latest is that people are digesting that piece of information that just c
Aug 13, 2009 6:30pm EDT
his appeal. the u.s. government also reacted today urging britain to keep him behind bars until he dies. >> we have made our views clear to the u.k. government, to the other authorities that we believe he should spend the rest of his time in jail. >> but it is not a matter for the u.k. government. just is to the scottish parliament. the secretary finished him in jail last week. now a scottish minister must take a decision that will have a lasting impact on british foreign relations. >> clearly i have been listening to representations from the americans, from the families, and indeed all those with a legitimate interest. i'm confident i have to decide this as speedily as possible. he is terrible ill and there are other factors. i have made no decision as yet. >> lockerbie is synonymous now with an act of terror that was so singularly shocking and at the time unprecedented. it is still on the north atlantic flight path and each sunny day, each clear sky brings its passing reminders. allen little, bbc news, lockerbie. >> you got a sense of it there, even 21 years after this disaster,
Aug 14, 2009 5:30pm EDT
under britain's national health care system rightow. well all of these comments have drawn the attention of lks in great brain including pril minister gordon brown, who this week joined a twitter caaign to defend alth care in his country. how theyee it there. that our "lead focus" tonight. >> i don't understandhis-- >> reporter: at town mall meings to discuss president obama's alth care plans people have had to be restrained as accusations fl that democrats nt to copy the nhs. described as a sociast mistake. i don't want this country turning into rusia, turning into a soalized country. >> reporter: presidentbama isn't proposing a natioal health service, but a tional heal insurance scheme which woulguarantee everyo's covere tm.ea--tsen treatments. so gord brown's tweet draud a careful li. >> the nhs often makingshe differce between pain and comfor despair and hope, life and death. thks f always being there. >> reporter: sarah brown also posted, e lot of nhs more than we cansay." and there was this from health secretary an burna >> over the mo about the strong suppo for the nhs,n instition
Aug 16, 2009 9:00pm EDT
system. a month ago, i set up offer a plan to centralize power in britain. we will show how we control the power of the state and make it more accountable to people. the british state has developed over the centuries into a powerful entity charged with delivering important goals. protecting our citizens, read distributing wealth, ensuring public services, and these things have undoubtedly made our country a place which is safer, fairer, and where opportunity is more equal. but the more the state does, the greater risk there is that it gradually become the master of the citizen that it actually meant to be serving. that is why we traditionally created checks to keep the right balance of powers. checks to stop the state exerting too much power over russ -- in other words, protecting personal freedom, and checks to help us exert our power over the state. insuring political accountability. i believe that for the last 12 years we have seen diminished personal freedom and diluted political accountability. i want to address both of those today. today i believe we are in danger of living in a
Aug 23, 2009 9:30pm EDT
of families, gives britain a particular role in supporting pakistan's democratic future. we will also seek to buttress american efforts to give new impetus to the middle east peace process, it is sizing the need for freeze on all new israeli settlement activities and adherence to the principles as an essential part of moving forward. we will begin a process on our behalf of robust dialogue with syria, working to edge closer to up constructive role in the region and closer to a lasting peace -- peace deal with israel. the third vital aim of conservative farm policy is the beginning of alliances outside of europe and north america, bought all two british influence in the world given the tree that i outlined earlier. on his visit to india in 2006, david cameron said that he believed it was time for britain and india to forge a new special relationship, focusing particularly on fighting terrorism, protecting the environment, and globalization. india is also a leading member of the commonwealth, which has been valued on to the labour -- which as been devalued in the labour gouvernment. it is ex
Aug 22, 2009 1:00am EDT
. of the world's ten biggest economies, i think only the united states, britain and italy will still be in recession. he sold the stimulus saying the recess would be less. now the debt and real and permanent. that's his legacy to the next presidency. >> i'm sorry. the one-year stimulus is not driving the ten-year structural deficit. it's just not. what is driving it are things like this, a war in iraq that will cost $1 trillion to $2 trillion, thinks a nobel peace prize winner. the bush expansion of entitlement. that is already $800 billion and will continue to grow. it's the structural things that mr. obama inherited that are driving this thing, not the one-year stimulus. >> the stimulus is not a one-year stimulus. but a three-year stimulus. it costs almost $800 billion. and it was all borrowed money, so there will be a compounding effect of the debt. in the interim budget repaid with the second half of the fiscal 2009 and 2010 year he massively ramped up the ongoing level of government expenditure all of which has interest paid on it. the interest compounds. he inherited some probl
Aug 22, 2009 5:00pm EDT
for a convicted terrorist. pressure is mounting on britain to find out whether it played any role in the release of al megrahi. scotland's legal system is separate from the uk. britain is walking a fine line joining in the outrage without criticizing scottish officials. he is the only man convicted of the flight that was bombed over lockerbie and killed 270 people. they tony player is denying that a big oil deal with libya played a role in the release. chief mueller sent a scathing letter to scotland's secretary. saying the release makes a mockery of the law and gives comfort to terrorists worldwide. >>> you are looking at pictures of a deadly plane crash that happened in ohio last night. the small plane barely missed a high school and crashed into a field. a football scrimmage was going on at the time. both people onboard were killed. the ohio state highway patrol says the plane crashed within minutes of taking off from an airport in southwestern ohio. >>> federal drug agents searched a beverly hills pharmacy yesterday in connection with michael jackson's death. the dea says the agents were exp
Aug 4, 2009 5:30pm EDT
. why one of britain's top celebrity snappers is turning his camera on a thousand members of the public. >> hello to you. right now north korea's state news agency is reporting the country's leader kim jung il has issued a special pardon to two jailed american journalists, sentenced to 12 years hard labor for crossing the border from china illegally. now, this in the midst of a surprise trip to north korea by former u.s. president bill clinton and an historic meeting with the country's reclusive and its believed ailing leader. mr. clinton also met with two american journalists, laura ling and euna lee in what's being described as a very emotional meeting. these two women have been held in pyongyang since march. they had already begun serving a 12-year sentence with hard labor. let's get the latest from washington and the bbc state department correspondent kim harp he is. as you understand it, kim, what is the latest on this story? >> well, of course, all we have at the moment is reports from the north korean media saying that the country's leader, kim jong-il, has pardoned the two women
Aug 6, 2009 6:00pm EDT
. they are waiting dna tests. several thousand people hav attended the funer of britain's last survivor of but worldar trches. he ed last month, age 111. a hacr aack shut down twitter on wednesda hacrs directed a multude of compers to a single site. twitter is not the oy indicator of change in the media industry. rupert murdo, chairn of ws corp. says that the economic pictures so bleak tha he'going to start chaing for all online content derivedromis newspapers and television chaels. matthew pric reports from new york. >> this is the capital city o america'newspaper industry. for new york's newspaper vendors, the golden e is over. do you sell the same volume of newspapers that you di >> people are not buying papers like in the old times. >> y would hyde park withy hard-earne money to bua per like"the wall street journal," wh i get the sa content online for absoluly nothing? that is precisely e question that "the wl street journal," have been grappling withfor quite a ile. while it is true that i can click on some of the news contt and read through tha whout paying a penny, when i comes t
Aug 28, 2009 6:00pm EDT
foreign investors tha thei money was safe. the latestigures in britain showed the recession in the seconduarter of this year was noas bad as predicted. fall in mfg. meant gdp fell betweenpril and -- between april d june. there are still conces about the recory. a ship h been seized carrying apons fro north kea to iran in olation from the united nations bargo. at this seizure w some weeks ago. eyhave posted a sers of actions -- sanctions to punish pyongyang about its la of cooperation. iran ewing's president has asked -- iran's president has set up iticism of the opposition. he has cald for t leader of e opposition to be punished. >> psident ahmenijad did not name it anyone specifically, but he says the senior individuals in the post-election unrest should be dealt with cisively. he says there needs t be a serious corontation. e president and a pension will again rect the psident's interventionill -- the president's intervention will have applications in an. >> it should not bthat the key elements of enjoying -- the key elemes enjoy security, while sser important elements ar
Aug 3, 2009 5:30pm EDT
loyalty to the united kingdom. >> britain's patriot act, how taking part in protests may bar immigrants from becoming british citizens. the writing is on the walls. a modern curse hits ancient rome. wall after wall, street after street, dogged with graffiti. one says there would be as many as 1,000 taggers at work doing this. >> hello, to you. it was to be ahmadinejad's crowning glory. a week of official ceremonies to mark his second term in office as irrelevant ran's president. starting today with endorsement from the country's supreme leader, but two previous presidents stayed away, and the islamic republic is marred in its worst crisis since its foundation 30 years ago. iranian authorities asked the bbc's tehran correspondent to leave the country. he's compiled this report from london. >> they say they're like father and son. the supreme leader has staked his political future on supporting president ahmadinejad. but today the strain was showing in this complicated relationship, with an awkward prelude to mr. ahmadinejad's second term. it was all so much friendlier when he was first s
Aug 5, 2009 5:30pm EDT
.p.'s and opposition leaders. britain and some other foreign countries sent ambassadors but no messages of congratulations. that provoked a bitter riposte from mr. ahmadinejad. >> nobody in iran is waiting for your congratulations. the iranian nation does not give importance either to your frowns and threats or to your congratulations and smiles. >> but in many ways the president's problems are just beginning. he has two weeks to form a government which must be endorsed by the increasingly hostile parliament. the opposition now cluss rafsanjani and a number of former allies. and the west is ramping up the pressure on the nuclear issue. >> i would argue that ahmadinejad is the most divisive political figure in the 30-year history of the islamic republic and he has shown no interest in trying to heal these political rifts. >> once again thousands of demonstrators defied a huge police and militia presence outside the parliament to stage a new protest. not big enough to unseat the government perhaps but enough to keep mr. ahmadinejad's new administration off balance. >> lots of police deplo
Aug 6, 2009 5:30pm EDT
the funeral of britain's last survivor from the world war one trenches. he died last month at age 111. interesting -- infantrymen from france and belgium escorted his coffin. in afghanistan, violence is again overshadowing preparations for the presidential election. five afghan police were killed by roadside bomb, and several members of eight wedding party died when a bomb hit the trailer they traveled in. security is at the top of the agenda. secretary-general rasmussen just took office and is already visiting afghanistan. >> these are troubled nomads -- tribal nomad to have traveled afghanistan for centuries. while it may be campaign season, there is no sign of it here. but in a landscape of afghan politics, this place matters. these men are desperate, but they have real political power. his father is a top tribal chief, and what he says goes. he tells me that his father will back most hon. candidate, and that decision will deliver millions of votes. in the capital, 50 miles up the road, it is a different campaign under way. they are reaching out to individual voters with a message.
Aug 13, 2009 5:30pm EDT
that will not go away. britain's worst ever terror attack still has some unanswered questions. the verdict left on uncomfortable taste in the mouth. one man convicted for all of those deaths. people are questioning whether more senior people from libya should have stood trial. some might have taken the fall for an atrocity done by others. was justice done in the trial of the bombings? the trial looked at a vast amount of evidence. pan am flight 103 was painstakingly rebuilt from the wreckage. this is a forensic investigation conducted to high standards. back in 1988, libya was not the only country with a grudge against america. five months before lockerbie, this warship shot down an iran air airbus over the gulf killing all of the passengers. the u.s. navy said that its radar mistook it for a warplane. blowing up a u.s. airliner in revenge would have had a symmetry. >> he is a victim of a gross miscarriage of justice. i am very glad that they are going to grant him a release on compassionate grounds. >> one result of the trial, libya has been largely rehabilitated. after the bombing, the leader
Aug 14, 2009 5:30pm EDT
? >> and now bbc world news. >> britain hits back as is health service becomes a weapon over the fight in health care reform in america. hopes of rescue are fading in taiwan, 15,000 my still be trapped. 11 countries in 11 days, what did hillary clinton's african odyssey achieve? welcome to bbc news mixed message just as a new antidrug begins gets underway in afghanistan, the president pardons five drug traffickers. >> funding was made possible b >> howled the englishow the engr league is cashing in on fans abroad. >> at britain's national health service has moved to the center of a controversy in the u.s. over barack obama's proposed health-care reform. the president tries to gain momentum with a campaign through four american states. the british prime minister and his wife has put on a campaign to defend the nhs. >> she is denied access to treatment for cervical cancer. her mother suffered after renal cancer became terminal. >> a hard-hitting campaign in the states but it is not there system that they're criticizing but ours. these are sponsored by right wing opposition groups. this w
Aug 19, 2009 6:30pm EDT
of the new money pouring in. since 2007, some of britain's largest companies -- bp, shell, and bg -- have been signing new exploration deals. it seems the continued imprisonment britain's the future oil deals. >> they are all here, you name them. the russians are here. make no mistake, there is competition. just imagine bp would like to concentrate on what it specializes in. >> we were told that the possible transfer was discussed with gordon brown. for both parties, it is a lingering chapter of the old relationship, one that the british government would like to dearly) but -- one that the british government would dearly like to close. >>> the swiss banks have agreed to hand over details to american tax authorities of over 4000 account holders and consider requests about clients of other banks suspected of tax fraud. this is likely to blow a hole in switzerland's reputation for keeping secrets close. >> it was the swiss government said a clash of jurisdictions. the united states wanted the names of 52,000 citizens believed to have committed tax evasion by hiding their money in it ubs bank
Aug 21, 2009 7:00am EDT
. britain's foreign separate -- secretary called it deeply upsetting. i want afghanistan posset presidential election -- the claim from the current president and his main challenger. easing of tension between the two careers -- koreas. two decades on from the collapse of communism, estonia battles with the fresh challenges of capitalism. it is 7:00 a.m. in washington, midday in london and 1:00 p.m. in the libyan capital tripoli, where the only man convicted of the bombing of the u.s. passenger jet over lockerbie in scotland 21 years ago is enjoying his forceful day of freedom. arguments are continuing, though, on whether the scottish authorities were right to release abdelbaset al-megrahi from prison on compassionate grounds, suffering from prostate cancer. british foreign secretary david miliband adding his voice. he described it as deeply distressing. 207 people lost their lives when a pan am jumbo jet was ripped apart by an explosion in 1988. many of the victims were american. let us get the latest. >> it was everything many relatives feared -- a convicted terrorist welcomed home as a her
Aug 26, 2009 6:30pm EDT
experience. [laughter] >> in britain, and he was suspected for a long time with sympathizing with the ira. he helped bring peace to northern ireland. this year, a rare honor for a foreigner. >> we owe a great debt to be like and courage of senator edward kennedy. -- to the life and courage of senator edward kennedy. >> he was the elder of the democrats. last year, the tried we need to hear hootie liberal lion with tapped to become president. he was gravely ill at the presidential inauguration. he collapse. -- he collapsed. for 47 years, ted kennedy ruled on the hill, and one of his greatest passions was reforming the american health-care system. he will not be around to help the president pushed through his increasingly difficult reforms, but democrats hope that the lions last roar will that go beyond the grave. today i knew at the tap has been going -- "he is the brother who mattered the most." he will be buried between his brothers, the last of the dynasty. bbc news, washington. >> what lasting impact will ted kennedy had on politics? with me, his biographer. thank you for coming in. how mu
Aug 23, 2009 10:00pm EDT
[inaudible] when you watch the film you see the battle with britain the german aircraft, and then there is oil comrade stalin helped. if he said no oil for you, it would be no second world war but comrade stalin was there. adolf hitler later attacked stall when -- stalin so he is a bad guy. but in 1939 people looked at the situation in a different way they look very friendly. it is the same thing. it is a general, and look at his hand. [laughter] this is the same thing. yes? now i return to my previous point* and he is great friends with comrade stalin. he just killed all of stalin's enemies. it was the same with adolf hitler. this is the central idea, icebreaker who started the second world war? i never say stalin i say hitler started but stalin helped him. so what is the situation in 1941? in 1941, in the summer, it was absolutely wonderful strategic situation when adolf hitler destroyed the government, he destroyed all the armies, he ploy two millions of people into concentration camps, all of europe praying for liberation but it hiller is against great britain and ea
FOX News
Aug 23, 2009 10:00am EDT
and, really, try to deal with great britain and libya to allow abdel basset mohamed al-megrahi to be tried in scotland and i think it is very unlikely it proves, many of whom were around at the time of the shift in policy will want to do anything to raise the profile of it now. >> eric: talking about the cutting a deal for the trial en scotland and what about a deal to free megrahi and great britain saying there was not a deal though gadhafi's son says they raised his name in meetings when talking about doing begin with britain. >> senator shoupers right to be out raged at the hero's welcome they give him when he returned to libya and we should be outraged the government of great britain in letting this mass murderer go free, you know, the clinton administration agreed back in 1999/2000, scotland could try megrahi, knowing that scotland didn't have the death penalty, had he been tried in the u.s., if we could have apprehended him we wouldn't be worried about clemency now. >> eric: during the time of the event. >> and we'll see more and more evidence coming out of the u.
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Aug 25, 2009 9:00pm EDT
choices" at the v.a. we know in great britain they have a formula where they figure you will live x number of years, we'll pay this number of dollars to help up. >> even if you set aside end of life discussions with your physician, the most frightening part about this health care bill is this compare i -- comparative research analysis that reduces everyone's life down to a balance sheet. here's how long you're going to live. here's your quality of life as bureaucrats in a distant land have determined and here's what we think you're worth. here's the dollar amount we think you're worth. sean: it goes even further. national health service. women with breast cancer in great britain denied coverage and virtually given a death sentence. can we just say governor palin pretty much got this right in spite of the denials? >> the critics are going to say she took to to the extremes but she is right along the lines that yes, the life of someone either old or disabled, is being assessed. sean: this is the book. this is oregon. great britin. -- britain. >> what is undeniable, if you live in america and
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Aug 4, 2009 7:47pm EDT
famous one in britain. you doubt? just check out the "times" of london, a paper owned by our parent company, news of benson the carp's death on the front page above the fold no less. fisherman came from far and wide to rip it from the lake. he had been caught and released 60 times. >> i have been tried for 20 years. obviously i'm not going to now. it it's a loss. it's t. was a fantastic fish. shepard: we're told it will be sent to a tax determinist. it was too large to flush down the toilet. two journalists held in north korea since marsh are now on their way home. former president clinton met with the leader and helped secure pardons. cash for clunkers not over yet. harry reid said it will vote to extend the program before summer recess. on this day in 1944, an anone news tipster led the gestapo to the hiding place of a young jewish girl named ann frank. earlier in hitler's regime he moved his family from germany to amsterdam when the nazis invaded they hid for two years in secret rooms at the rear of otto's office. she kept a diary of her ordeal and sent the franks to various conc
Aug 20, 2009 9:00am EDT
here in britain, he had a video conference he said with the families of victims in the united states, and this is the decision he came to. now, he was very clear that he knows there will be many people who don't like what he did, who don't agree with him, but it is his decision and he's standing by it. >> the judge said he consulted with families. did he talk to you? >> he hasn't got to my phone yet. >> mom? >> no. he was -- we had a video conference with him, and we certainly -- >> okay. >> -- made our points well, you know, in his ear to say this is not acceptable. and i want to know how many people in scotland had been released on -- you know, what's the number? what's the number? you know? i mean, i don't think -- i've never even heard of it before. >> and we're looking at the video now, and here's the man responsible for killing your son and your brother, and here's the convoy now just pulling out of this prison. he was to serve a life sentence in this prison. >> that's right. >> and as you pointed out, it was justice that was a long time coming because the bombing happened in 1
Aug 24, 2009 8:30am EDT
was a bipartisan government in those days at the height of the war, and there were 49.7 million britains on the island of which there was a big problem with the lack of health care during that terrible time. and so the bipartisan government said, we're going to have universal health care in this country and mr. beven, the minister of health, was ordered to make it happen. fast forward now, 66 years, and you've probably got about the same number of people as we had in britain at the height of the war, another 47 million, 49 million people, and they don't have access to health care, they simply can't afford it. the big question, tavis, is whether or not the government is able to come to an agreement with with all the various interests and groups, unlike britain where it was a bipartisan government during the war, and do something for this 47 million, 49 million people that need the help. tavis: how do you personally process, stan brock, starting r.a.m., starting this project, to see people in under- or undeveloped, third world, parts of the word and you start serving people in the united s
Aug 28, 2009 6:49pm EDT
. >> $70 billion worldwide in the animation industry. this is something britain is good at. but an nader said the industry is under threat. -- but animators say the industry is under threat. this is one of a handful of british animators to making shows in this country. we asked him to illustrate the difficulty he is facing. here is the problem -- an animator in england comes up with an amazing idea for a new program. it takes it to the finance year -- financier. he loves it. but when he does the sons, he realizes if it came from ireland, 23% of the production cost would come as a tax break. if it came from france, 20% of the cost would be a tax break. there are similar incentives all over the world -- but not in england. this means that more and more animation comes from overseas. the english animator is told thanks, but no thanks. the amount of animation produce in the u.k. has more than halved by the past five years. take for example and a tonic program -- and iconic program like "bob the builder." where were they made? >> los angeles, taiwan, canada. >> he was upset. >> if you can go
Aug 27, 2009 6:00am EDT
. in america today, there's a real debate going on about health care but here in britain, the recent political exchanges over the in a chess have been meager real nor a debate. not real because they focus on a question that is not settled and that is the conservative party's commitment to the nhs and not really a debate because the back-and-forth of the past week or so seems to have been more about political point-scoring instead of a serious discussion of an extremely serious subject. how, in a world of rapidly rising health care cost and demand, should we deliver the rising standards of health care that people expect in the 21st century within a taxpayer- funded system which treatment is provided to all on the basis of need, not the basis of the ability to pay. that is the question i will try to answer today but first, i want to say a word about the values of the nhs and the conservative party's belief in them. i know perfectly well that some of the changes we have made in this party over the last few years have not been easy for the party to accept. there is one change we have made where, f
Aug 22, 2009 7:00am EDT
to britain for his release. despite number 10 trying to distance itself from that decision but downing street has now weighed in warning libya how it handles his release will be looked at by everyone and will influence what countries think. but today, the conservative leader wrote to gordon brown, criticizing his failure to say what he thought of megrahi's return to libya, writing it is curious that, while others have commented, britain's own prime minister has not. i believe that the public are entitled to know what you think of the decision to release megrahi. one man, who's unlikely to be heading to libya, the duke of york. his plan to visit tripoli on a trade mission next months are now being reconsidered. libya might have its man back. the uk might have hoped this would improve relations in trade but it's turned into a diplomatic mess. lucy manning, itv news, westminster. >> not surprisingly many are angry about scotland's decision to free the lockerbie bomber, especially true for the victims' families of course. one victim's brother says neither the u.s. or britain did enough to stop a
Aug 30, 2009 7:00pm EDT
an answer. >> do you feel that you were released because of a commercial deal with britain and libya? he can't -- he's too sick. >> reporter: but that is the question that is still being asked in britain especially after this story in the sunday times newspaper. its headline, lockerbie bomber set free for oil. the headline suggesting that lockerbie bomber was released as a result of a deal for oil is wholly unrue. there was no deal for his release. >> reporter: the paper says an oil exploration deal between libya and bp was only ratified by libya's parliament after the british government agreed and the prisoner transfer deal would thought exclude him specifically. britain's justice secretary jack straw admits the government 45d pushed for ed foed for him not eligible for transfer, but libya refused and britain relengthed. but the deal always allowed for the scottish government to veto any transfer. >> what makes the allegation absurd is that this debate is academic. there has been no rehe's understand the prisoner transfer agreement. >> reporter: his application understand the transfer agre
Aug 18, 2009 8:00pm EDT
some light on the hundreds of ufo sightings reported in britain. all of them kept secret until now. the cat is out of the bag. >> there were these small number, the 5% or so where it did seem we had strong evidence that structured craft were performing speeds and maneuvers that we couldn't match. multivitamin in a drink mix.s with more calcium and vitamin d... to support bone and breast health... while helping you hydrate. one a day women's 2o. refreshingly healthy. p)vo: when you can serve yourat family breakfast from walmart, vo: for a little over $2 a person. mom: just one breakfast a week and the savings really add up. save money. live better. walmart. >>> the british government is continuing to declassify and make public some records it's been holding close to the vest about ufo sightings during the '80s and '90s. there are few surprises in the so-called x-files. take a look. >> files detailing hundreds of ufo sightings reported to britain's defense ministry are now being released online. >> the release of more than 4,000 pages of documents related to ufo sightings revealed no
Aug 21, 2009 10:00pm EDT
out of the recession faster. the united states, britain and italy will still be in recession. he stoold the stimulus saying t recess would be less. >> i'm sorry. the one-year stimulus is not driving the ten-year structural deficit. it is just not. what is driving it are things like this, a war in iraq that will cost $1 trillion to $2 trillion. the bush expansion of entitlement. that is already $800 billion and will continue to grow. it is the structural things that mr. obama inherited. not the one-year stimulus. >> the stimulus is not a one-year stimulus. but a three-year stimulus. it costs $800 billion. it is compounding effect on the debt. in the interim budget repaid with the second half of the fiscal 2009 and 2010 year he massively ramped up the ongoing level of government expenditure all of which has interest paid on it. he inherited some problems. i'm not denying that. he made new problems for himself on basis of false predictions of the kmim. >> i'm sorry. i still have a balanced budget. it is bound in leather and my name is on it in gold. democrats balanced the budget. mr
Aug 14, 2009 6:00pm EDT
world news." >> britain hits bk as i health servi becomes a wpon in the routef the health care reform in america. code of rescue are fadg in typhoon-stricken taiwa 3 and 15,000till be trapp, a least 500 dead. -- in timtyphoontricken taiwan. 15,000 still trapped. welcome to "bbc world news," on pbs in america and elsewre around the wld. a new brigadeets to rk in afghanistan. the presidenpardon its five p traffickers. and theç liverpoolç and fun, singapore style. cashing in on a growing my of fans abroa the liverpool anthem. hel toou. britn's national health seice as a move to the cente of the controvsy in the u.s. over barack obama'oposeds health-careeform be and the president tries to regain. his opponentare tryg tcite the brish model as theay not to do it -- barack obama's proposed health-care reform. the president tries to recover. >> president barack obama and hifamily said it off for another town hl-style debate on heth care,but as america has wrestled with how to solve theroblems with its largely insurance-based system, public systs elsewre have been comg under fire. what we
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